Dewa Athena then Evaluation of Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3

Hello bloggers:)
Welcome back to my blog For this moment I am going to tell you about the event in my school.
Last week, my school held an event called "Dewa Athena". Why it is called by Dewa Athena? You are guys also curious about it right? The answer is because Dewa Athena is a "deity of wisdom".

That is the poster of Dewa Athena 2017

Dewa Athena is an annual event which is always held annually by my beloved school, SMAN 3 Bandung. In this event we can have fun, do exercise, and also sport conversation between classes. Many competition are held in this event. There are tarik tambang, soccer, relay race, basketball, badminton, gobak sodor, dodge ball and many more. This competition divided by two season, for boys and girls. The championship is divided by two, namely, the best class in the grade and the best grade in the school. 
But at those time, I only can joined one competition because in that day I have to attend the evaluation of Angklung Orchestra Concert XIV f…

Crossword Puzzles

Hello bloggers ":)
welcome back to my blog.
Long time no see my post right?
I am sorry bloggers, yesterday I am so busy about the preparation for my Angklung Concert KPA 3 hehehe xD

Oh ya, at this time, I want to share a mini game for you guys :)
This game is made by Miya and me
Hope you enjoy it~

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