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Thanks to You

Hello bloggers!!!
Welcome back to my blog
At this time I am going to tell you a story about someone 

Carelessness on the train

A month ago, my friend and I went to Tasikmalaya to attend the annual event in our Junior High School. The three of us, set off by train. Because we go with promo Go Show, which served the rest of the tickets three hours before departure, we fuss and hurry  for fear of running out of the train ticket. But fortunately course, a motorcycle taxi driver who drove me to the station is very good, he chose the quickest way for the traffic jam when it was severe. I ended up at the station quickly and safely. 

Unfortunately, both my friends yet to reach the station. I can not be forced to buy train tickets for them, because I do not carry their identity card. Seriously, go show tickets from Bandung to Tasikmalaya by train Lodaya night, are sold out. But I did not give up. Fortunately, there is the next train after train that night Lodaya Turangga. Luckily, tickets for the remaining 7 seats, and my friend had reached the station. But problems remain. Because one of my friends coming from different stations, the new station. Whereas I and my other friends through the old station. But this problem could still be overcome by all the tricks xD. 

After the meeting, we immediately entered the car and sit tight. The three hour trip to the hometown, Tasikmalaya. However, we were very jovial and happy to enjoy our trip. On the trip we talked as much about everything. However, at the end of the trip, suddenly I fell asleep because they feel tired. But it turns out the train station are close to our goal, which tTasikmalaya station. Quickly, both my friend woke me and helped prepare the luggage. At that time I was half awake, and I did not pay attention to my luggage. I realized that my wallet left behind on the train, as I stood in front of the train station. left only a few minutes, the train will depart. I panicked. 

Fortunately my friend to help me. we both re-entered the carriage helped by the parties from the train station. I panicked because I forgot how much I ride in the carriage. Fortunately, my friend remembered and immediately asked for help to the station. Thank God, I finally relieved, my wallet can still be found. Hose 30 seconds after both of us down the train. Trains departed, continued his journey to the final destination of Surabaya. There are so many lessons I can from this incident. I am also grateful to Juju, my friend who helped and also someone from the station name unknown. thanks. That story about me being careless panic also to people who have helped me. Do not forget the lessons of this story,guys.Thank you for taking the time to read. 

See you on the next post :)

Realizing The Nature

What is nature? Have you ever realized it? We start with a little thing, “land”, can we life without the land? Whether we fly? Or swim in the ocean? The answer is no. We cannot stand on the ocean, bird cannot fly in the land, and fish cannot swim in the air.  So, we can conclude that the nature is everything that should fit place. Nature should be in the right place. We cannot force it to exist and to not exist.

Nature is always around us. It is all things in the earth. Nature is created by God and human must protect nature. If there is no nature, there is no life.  In this era, many people feel so thirsty of earthly life. They want more than more. They are greedy and damaged the nature. However, if we could take advantage of the good nature we will get more benefit and fairly.

The things of the nature are very large and many. For example, plants, there are so many classifications just about plant. Every species has its own role to play. The plants can stand deeply rooted in the ground. They can be a food for other creatures.  They provide oxygen. We literally need plant for our life. But we do not realize it.

We do not count the benefits of nature. Sometimes, we do not care that the ocean give us life and the life is from the water. The sky is always blue even if the storm’s passing because of that ozone on that atmosphere. The stars and moon bring beauty in the darkness. The sun give us the warm, light, and life for photosynthesis. Animals are usually come to our daily life. The flowers carry a different fragrance, color, and beauty for the world to enjoy.  There are many examples that cannot be mentioned and counted one by one. We must be grateful and thankful to God, nature, and our self.

So, why we do not maintain, preserve, make good use without losing it?

In the face of this life, humans prefer practical. All technology made just for fast and make their life easy. Unfortunately, only some people who care about the environment. Whereas the slightest attitude, very influential on the present life and future. Humans prefer to meet their own life in that day than to think about the future of life. As if they did not care about the past those who remain in contact with nature.

The benefits of nature are always related to our daily life. We cannot be anything without nature. We cannot learn about all this life without the nature. We never know about our body without nature. We cannot medicate our self. The biotechnology, medicine, psychology, physic, chemistry, social, economy, politic, culture, and many more cannot be found, realize, and adapted to our life without nature.

The natures are sources of inspiration. We cannot get anything without the nature. The nature can stimulate our imagination, so we can learn from our brain then try to do the new thing and make our neuron life. The nature sharpens our senses. Our body can grow and life because of nature. The nature also can release our worry and stress too.

Nature is the base of every life. Nature teaches many things that we cannot get without knowing it. Nature awakens us and teach us if only on a small sample raindrops. All activities in this life are never a day without nature. Nature’s  so important.

The nature gave us many inspiration and quotes to our life. We should look deep into nature and then we will understand everything better. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. The poetry of earth is never dead. Then we will find out and discover the wonders of the world as we dare look at nature, open our views, and learn from what God has created.

What have we done for the nature? Why do people are so busy for their own life without thinking about how nature can controlled the balance of this life?

We as people of knowledge must start our real action.

Senin, 16 Januari 2017

Unpredictable Holiday

Hello reader!!! :)
Welcome back to my blog
For this moment, I will tell you about my holiday story
This is my holiday story

Three weeks ago, I got a vacation for two weeks after the division report of first semester in senior high school. Alhamdulillah.... Thanks God, I was so pleased with my report result even though that still not maximized. At least, I am so proud of myself because I can got that value by my struggl, my very hard work, my study hard. I am pretty sick love my hard work. Back to the topic, my times for holiday I used to play and recreation with my family more. Because I live in Bandung with my grandmother. I finally decided to go back to my hometown, where there was my home sweet home, Tasikmalaya City.

The first day of holiday, I used to spend my times with my junior high school friends. We went to the mall and also our ex lovely school, SMPN 1 Tasikmalaya. We met our teachers and our friends. We did not forget to took many pictures together. At the end of the day, we ate together at our favorite secretly restaurant, Cahya's House... hihihi,,,

On the next day, I went to Kuningan with myvfamily. I played at "Oemah Kerang", in that place I got so many information about shell because in that place we could see many species of shell, the stories the unique, until the handy craft that made from shell. After we played at that place, we felt so hungry, so we decided to ate at Lanai Restaurant. Did not stop until there, after we ate, we bought some youghurt and milk from farmer house. Because of we were very tired, we went to the mosque to do our pray while resting. We are so surprise to found "Tahu Gejrot" seller in front of the mosque. After we pray, we ate "Tahu Gejrot" together with happiness and simplicity. After we ate, we continued our trip to Cirebon city.

Cirebon is my childood town. I have stayed there for three years. That is why we want to spend our holiday times in Cirebon City. In there we went to CSB (Cirebon Super Block) the mall at Cirebon. After that, we went to the north of Cirebon to bought some souvenirs fromrotan at that place. Because it was already dark, we decided to go back home to Tasikmalaya. On the way to go home, we did not forget to ate at the Lanai Restaurant again. We played angklung at their restaurant and bought peuyeum for our souvenirs from that cold city. Alhamdulillah.. we arrived in Tasikmalaya at 11.49 p.m.

After one day very tired and amazing holiday, at the next week we went to Diemng, Central Java. Because of we went there on the new year, the street was very crowded. Many people get out from their house. Fortunately, there was a Wayang Show in Purwakarta City. Because of our curious, we decided to stop and watch the Wayang Show while resting. We did not watch the show until finish, but we still felt happy can saw one of culture in Indonesia. After that, we continue our trip to Dieng.

Alhamdulillah, finally we arrived in Dieng at five o'clock of new year. That was very cold outside. Dieng is the place with a height of 2000 meters elevation masl. That was why the place was very cold. before we played at tourist attraction, we bought scarves and skullcaps and taste the carica fruit. Carica fruit was very delicious, this is also the endemic plants too. The taste of that fruit is tasty and refreshing. I love it. After we bought the souvenirs we continue our holiday and played at Telogo Worno Lake. In this place we could see the lake with three colors, that was blue light, tosca, and dark green. The view was very interest. After amazed with that Telogo Worno view, we continue our trip to Batu Pandang. This place was very amazing view. On the way to go up stairs, I wonder how was the view behind that big stones. After i go upstairs and looked down, "What is a beautiful scenery". Big, white, and clean cloud paint the blue sky. Sun bright and warmed the cold. Wind blew the three. Telogo worno looked beautiful with that calm water. birdsong , and pretty Edelweiss spread out around the rocks.

After amazed for the second time, we continued our trip and went to Magelang city. In Magelang, we took a rest and slept one night at the hotel.

Next day, we went to Borobudur temple. We go up stair to the top of Borobudur, where there was a stupe which is typical of religious Buddhist temple. There was so amazing view again, The temple was surrounded by tree which could make the situation cold. But the sun shining to bright and made us felt sultry. Before we get out from the temple area, we we boarded the train to surrounded the temple area

After that we want to Jogjakarta city and played together in Jogja bye City Water noon.
After that we went too try
So many inspiration and new experience .I am so happy about this holiday. I love the time with my family. and I still remember about the shadow and beautiful scenery in the country on the cloud.

This is the picture of my sisters and I 

Tahu Gejrot is always good xD

I want it again.. :(

Say Hi to my little sister and My Mom :)

She is Hasna, my little sister..
we look like twins right?

This is the picture of Telogo Worno lake in Dieng

Hihihi.. this is just my selfie :D

Say Hi to my sweet family 

When the blue sky met with blue lake 

Just like women Tarzan right :D

I don't know, why I love this pretty flower 

when the nature can not say their beauty..

Really? I am so scared to stand at that rocks :D


She is Aira, my little sister 

You look happy to meet me..

hihihi.. xD

My lovely family

This is my first love, my hero, and my super dad.. Papabro :)


where is the statue? 

Spend your time with family, it's like you always get the beautiful treasure everyday :)

That's all enough for my story 
Thanks for reading :)
How about your holiday? 


Selasa, 08 November 2016

Francisco Tarrega

Do you know who is he?
Have you ever heard his name before?

Okay, welcome back guys, for this moment, I am going to tell you about the inspiration people in this world. You will know that there is someone who can arrangement the music. He also can make the classic song, and his song is very hard and cool.

I present to you, this is Francisco Tarrega. a composer.

Tarrega was born on 21 november 1852 in Villareal, Caestanol, Spain. His father was a flamenco guitar player. in 1862, his father met with Julias Arcas that keep him busy with his new musical world. Because of busy father, Tarrega work being a musician in the restaurant and coffee shop in Barcelona. in 1865, Tarrega never joined the band in Valencia. From a young age, Tarrega already mastered the piano and guitar. In 1874, he studied music at the Madrid Conservatory. there he bought a guitar made in Antonio de Torres and studied music under the guidance Emillio Arrieta. Since that time, he began to focus more on the guitar and left the pianist as a baseline. In 1880 during a concert in Novelda he met with Maria Jose Rizo that year he married in 1882. Because of the time and a lot of very famous Piano compositions piano-loved people, encouraging Tarrega to rewrite becomes Composition Composition Piano Guitar (Transcription). Betthoven works, Chopin, Mendelssohn. In 1885 he settled in Barcelona with his wife and has three children and made friends with the musician Isaac Albeniz, Enrique Granados, Turina Jaoquin and Pablo Casals. During his lifetime Tarrega wrote many good guitar kompisisi for Study and for concerts, over 70 original compositions and 120 compositions Transcript made. Tarrega's famous works include: Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Capricho Arabe, Adelita, Grand Jota, Danza Mora, Gran Vals, etc. January 1906, he suffered paralysis on the right side, and although he will eventually return to the concert stage, he never really recovered. On 2 December 1909, he completed his last work, Oremus He died in Barcelona on December 15, 1906, at the age of 57.

These are some of his achievement 

This is an adelita (slow)

Caprico Arrabae

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Anaphalis javanica

Every morning you greet me
Small and white, clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever

Bless my homeland forever

Have you ever heard the song before?
Do you know what is the tittle of that song?
Do you know who the songwriter?

Yeay, welcome back readers,,
Did you curious why I asked you about that song?
Don't be confused, I will tell you why I asked that

For all the readers, now I am gonna tell you something amazing with the topic is Edelweiss.
But for this moment. I am not tell you about Edelweiss, about all Edelweiss in this world, I just tell you about one species of Edelweiss in Indonesia. It is Edelweiss Java..

Edelweiss java

Anaphalis javanica, known popularly as Edelweiss Java (Javanese edelweiss) or Flowers Senduro, is an endemic plant alpina zone / montana in various high mountains of the archipelago. This plant can reach a height of 8 meters and can have a trunk of a human leg although generally not exceeding 1 meter. This plant is now classified as rare.

Edelweiss java is flowering plant species endemic to Indonesia. They are found mostly in mountainous regions of Java, South Sumatra, South Sulawesi and Lombok. The flower are generally seen between April and August, 

Edelweiss java is in kingdom plantae, division of Magnoliophyta, class of Magnoliopsida, order of Asterales, family of Astereceae, in the genus of Anaphalis and have a scientific name is Anaphalis javanica. This could lead to the destruction of the wild grown species. In the Bromo-Tengger region in East Java this plant is considered extinct. This species is constantly decreasing in number and is currently protected in Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

In the area of ​​mount in Java, Edelweiss java is usually sold by the local population. because
 its flowers are white, people used to give color additive in edelweiss flowers to make it look 
attractive. These flowers are not only sold in the form of interest, the people around are also 
used to make handicrafts from edelweiss flower as a souvenir. examples of these crafts such 
as dolls, bags, pencil cases, hats, and others.

The Edelweiss java is known by everlasting flower, or the people usually called it
by bunga abadi is not an everlasting flower. The real flower is about it yellow
powder in the inside not the petal in the outside. But the petal is so durable, it can
blossom for a month. So, the people called it an everlasting flower. But in the fact, the real everlasting flower is Leontopodhium sp. from Mount Alpen. It because they have a similar flower.
 7 facts of Anaphalis java are :
1. Edelweiss is not a symbol of eternal love
2. It has an etilen hormone
3,There was a stamp about Edelweiss
4. Caspar George Carlt Reindwart is ine of scientific that found an Edelweiss Java.
5. There is a song about Edelweiss
6. The flower blooms when the rain season had already finish
7. Edelweiss java has so many different colour in the mount in java
These are the picture of Anaphalis javanica

Can you imagine the someone bring you a bucket of edelweiss?

cute edelweiss with many color

The handicraft of edelweiss java

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

Quiz about Cappadocia

Hello bloggers!
Welcome back to my blog. For this moment, I am going to tell you about “quiz”. Do you feel bored for just read a text? Now, I give you the quiz about my post that the title is “Cappadocia”.
Are you ready?


1.       Cappadocia is a place but also with a historical about religion in Central Anatoli.”
From the text we know that…
a.       Cappadocia is a history about place in Central Anatoli.
b.      Cappadocia is a place in religion about Central Anatoli.
c.       Cappadocia is a place with a thousand memories about Anatoli
d.      Cappadocia is a history of Central Anatoli.
e.      Cappadocia is a place with a historical religion.
2.       What is the beautiful nature art in Cappadocia?
a.       The nature relief of rock
b.      The sky
c.       The mount
d.      The hot air balloons
e.      The house of leaf
3.       Cappadocia is in Turkey, Isn’t it?
a.       Yes, it is
b.      Yes, it isn’t
c.       No, it is
d.      No, it is not
e.      Yes, it was
4.       What is the interest thing to see a Cappadocia from elevation?
a.       See it from plane
b.      See it from houses
c.       See it from fairy chimneys
d.      See it from up rock
e.      See it from hot air balloon

5.       How to get there?
a.       Walk from Indonesia
b.      Go by foot
c.       By ship from Turkey
d.      By foot from Istanbul
e.      By plane or train from Istanbul
6.       Do you know about fairy chimneys? What is it?
a.       Just a memory
b.      The rock
c.       The rock with story
d.      The underground city
e.      The story of underground city
7.       What is the correct statement?
a.       Cappadocia just a rock
b.      Fairy chimneys is a house of local people.
c.       Mount Erciyes is higher than Mount Kaymakli.
d.      Mount Erciyes is the highest mountain in there.
e.      The hot air balloon had a similar story like Fairy Chimneys.

Are you curious about the answer?
Check it
1.       E
Because the Cappadocia is a place. Cappadocia is a historical religion.
2.       D
The hot air balloons is the unique thing in that place.
3.       A
Cappadocia is in central Anatolia, Turkey.
4.       E
We can see the beautiful Cappadocia from the hot air balloon
5.       E
6.       C
7.       C

Thank you ;’)

Kabayan Never Became Rich


Welcome back bloggers :) . Now, I am gonna tell you about the story. This story is about Kabayan and his wife. Have you ever heard that name before? Okay I will tell you now. Kabayan is serial story from Tatar Sunda, Java, Indonesia. The story is bring with Sundanese language, but now not only in Sundanese language you can read the stories. The stories had many copied with the other language. 

So, what do you waiting for? 
Read it and hold your stomach :D 

The script of Kabayan Never became Rich

Widya as Kabayan
Rahma as Kavayan's wife
Haura as God
Tsamarah as Narator

One day, Kabayan and his wife went to Mount Gede for praying, fasting, and meditating, so that their wish to become rich might be granted them. In the midst of their meditations, a Goddes appeared to them.

Goddes            : " Kabayan,"
Wife                : "Look, Kabayan, The Goddes has appeared!!"
Kabayan          : " Wow, unbeliveable! Praise The Goddes!"

Goddes            : "Kabayan, You and Your wife have been praying and meditating for long time, now I granted you two wishes. Remember, it's only two. You better talk it over with your wife before you make them.”
Kabayan          : “Only two? But even Genie in Alladion story granted 3 wishes.”
Goddes            : “Just remember we lived in Tatar Sunda, not Persia.”
And The Goddes disappears. Kabayan and his wife had a lengthy discussion about what they should wish for.
Kabayan          : “We should wish for great amount of money!”
Wife                : “But Kabayan, we need rice for our food…”

Kabayan          : “We can buy rice if we have money, we can even buy other things like clothes, car, house, or jewelry like you want.”
Wife                : “No, rice is the most important. The others just addition.”
Kabayan          : “Please be understand honey, we suffer like this because we don’t have money.”
Wife                : “You will be more suffering if we don’t have rice, you can’t eat, and you will die!”
Kabayan          : “ Money, we must wish for money.”
Wife                : “Rice!”
Kabayan          : “ Money!”
Wife                : “Rice!”
Kabayan          : “ Money!”
Wife                : “ Rice, I said rice!”
Kabayan          : “Argh! You are so annoying! I wish The God turns you into a monkey!”
Goddes            : “ Your wish has granted!”
As soon as Goddes granted Kabayan’s wish, Kabayan’s wife turns into a monkey. Kabayan was very surprised.
Kabayan          : “Oh my God! What have I done?!”
Goddes             : “ Kabayan, You have one wish left.”
Kabayan          : “What have you done with my wife?! She became a monkey.”
Goddes            : “ That’s your wish. I don’t do anything wrong. So what’s your second wish?”
Kabayan          : “Uh… What should I do? I want a lot of money, but my wife?”
Goddes            : “ You want a lot of money?”
Kabayan          : “NO! Wait a second please…Hmmm,. I want my wife back into a human”
Goddes            : “Your wish has granted.”

Kabayan’s wife turn back into a human. Kabayan was very happy. But..

Wife                : “Have you wish for rice?”
Kabayan          : “Um.. not yet…”
Wife                : “ I know you wish for a lot of money, right?”
Kabayan          : “ No.”
Wife                : “ So what you wish for?”
Kabayan          : “ I wish you turn back into human.”
Wife                : “What?! How fool you are! You are wasting your wishes!

Because of Kabayan’s reckless, they remained poor as long as they lived. The moral value of this story is be careful in making decision, think it wisely, don’t flow by emotion, control it. So that you’ll not regret your decision.

Thank You for reading this post, bloggers !

Cya :)